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Recent Updates

Fruit and vegitable game.

A pair of word use activities, using the "Quiz Machine" game, have been added to the Literacy Activities page. The first one involves using There, They're and Their correctly, while the second one involves using To, Too and Two correctly.

Additional graphics have been added to several of the food themed matching activities, Names of Foods, and Names of Fruits and Vegetables. Match images of food items with their name.

Versions of these activities are also available for the Concentration game.

Many more literacy and mathematics activities are in development!

Posted 4 June 2023

About Master of the Skills

I Created this page as a free resource for learners, tutors, teachers, and parents. Topics covered will eventually include math, spelling, vocabulary, science, history, and occupation skills.

The site is built around several games that are designed to be visually interesting and fast paced, to better hold the interest of learners. These simple games may be of use for reinforcing basic concepts. Some of them might even be fun to play!

At present, there are over seventy learning activities that people can do. I should have over 100 by the end of the year.

Posted June 2018