About the Games

Match Maker

Matching game image.

Each round, six pairs of matching expressions are randomly selected for play. Depending on the topic chosen, these values may be words, phrases, mathematical expressions, or even images.

The goal is to remove the expressions by selecting two that represent the same value. When all expressions are matched, and the board is cleared, six more pairs are selected for display.

Matching expressions will only be cleared if exactly two expressions are selected. If more than two are selected, no matching expressions will be removed.

The game is open-ended, and players may continue to play as long as desired, but will see more previously displayed expressions as time goes on.


Sequence game image.

Each round, a number of elements will be displayed, in random order, on the right side of the screen. Depending on the topic chosen, these may be words, phrases, or mathematical expressions. The players task is to place the elements in the correct order. The player can click and drag the elements into their correct position, on the left side of the screen.

The game is open-ended. Each time a board is cleared, a new, randomly selected list will be displayed. Players may continue to play as long as desired, but will see more previously displayed expressions as time goes on.

Word search game image.

To select a word, click and drag your mouse, or other pointing device, from one end of a word to the other. Optionally, users may click to select the letter at one end of a word, then select the letter at the other end.

As words are found, they are crossed out on the word list on the right side of the screen. A sound effect and a brief fireworks-like animation play when each word is found. Users can deactivate both the sounds and animation using controls near the lower right of the screen.

Players can choose three puzzle sizes, 15 x 15, 20 x 20, and 20 x 25. (After changing the puzzle size, users must click on the "Generate New Puzzle" button to generate a new puzzle.) A "Show Solution" button is available if players become stuck and need a little help.

Many word lists are currently available, with more to be added in the future. Users have the option to create a puzzle from their own list of words if desired. Simply paste or type a list of words into the "Enter a Custom Word List" box near the bottom of the screen and click on the button to generate a puzzle.

The word list on the right side of the screen can be moved. Click and drag with your mouse to reposition the list as is most convenient for your display size.

This program was originally created for my Mom, who enjoys doing word search puzzles.

Tile Spell

Tile spelling game image.

The goal of Tile Spell is to remove all tiles from the board. Select free tiles, that spell one of the words listed on the right side, and the tiles will be removed. Each game has 27 words to find. The words are randomly selected from a list of 150 words.

A shuffle feature, with a limited number of uses, can be used if players have no plays available.

When starting a new game, players can choose from four tile arrangements.

UFO Attack: 1944

UFO attack game image.

It's 1944 and Earth has just been attacked by robotic alien drones. The secret to defending Earth is to destroy the drones in specific combinations. Your goal is to shoot down the drones whose values sum to the "Target Value" displayed in the lower left of the screen. Can you save the Earth from destruction!

Game Controls

The movement of the players airplane can be controlled with the arrow keys (or the W,A,S and D keys). Press the spacebar to shoot at the UFOs.

Quiz Machine

Quiz machine game image.

Quiz Machine is designed to present a list of multiple choice questions to the user. The questions can include an image and may have a variable number of possible answers.

The order in which the questions are presented is randomized each time the quiz is played. Additionally, the list of possible answers, for a given question, is displayed in random order.

User Feedback

Users can get feedback in several ways.

A flag is shown informing the user if their answer was correct or not. If the user answered the question incorrectly, the correct answer will be shown on the flag.

Additionally, the results of each question is appended to a list below the game screen (players may have to scroll down to see this list). Logged information includes the question text, the possible answers, the answer the user choose, and rather the question was answered correctly or not. The quiz results log also records the players score and the number of questions answered. If the player wished to keep a record of their results, they can copy and past this information into a text editor for saving.

About the Website

Master of the Skills

I Created this page as a free resource for learners, tutors, teachers, and parents. Topics covered will eventually include math, spelling, vocabulary, science, history, and occupation skills.

The site is built around several games that are designed to be visually interesting and fast paced, to better hold the interest of learners. These simple games may be of use for reinforcing basic concepts. Some of them might even be fun to play!

My Other Websites

My personal website is RichardKruse.com. The (rarely updated) site features a number of browser games I have created over the years, as well as some photographs I've taken on visits to museums, airshows, and other events.

One of my other websites is HistoricSpacecraft.com. Started in 2006, Historic Spacecraft currently features over 1,500 photographs and more than 500 original illustrations. The photos and illustrations I create for the site are frequently used by publishers, museums, and educators.

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